vATM - the CBDC ecosystem solution


vATM Wallet - retains cash-like privacy during both on-line and on-site payments

✔️ CBDC tokens are stored in a secure enclave on the mobile device
✔️ CBDC holdings are visible only to the vATM Wallet owner
✔️ Payment transactions are visible only to the vATM Wallet owner
✔️ Transaction data is encrypted and stored only on the vATM Wallet

Transaction using mobile

vATM PoS System - reduces the cost of payments while engaging consumers with tokenised rewards.

✔️ No additional equipment is required to accept CBDC payment
✔️ No interchange via card network
✔️ Cash-like privacy at onsite and online payment
✔️ Reward tokens are backed by CBDC - making CBDC payment a desirable option

Commercial Banks & PSPs

vATM Network - enabling CBDC distribution while supporting models like Deposit Tokens and RLN

✔️ Virtualize physical ATM infrastructure to save on cash handling cost
✔️ Connects Core Banking System via existing ATM gateway to minimise disruption
✔️ No change to commercial banks’ existing process ✔️ vATM integrates to existing ATM network infrastructure

Commercial Banks & PSPs
Central Banks
Central Banks

Secure minting with Quantum-safe technology

Achieve greater policy control, financial inclusion and trust of citizens with end-to-end visibility in minting, transferring and monitoring.