Digitalizing National Currencies with the promise of cash-like privacy

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With over 120 economies worldwide exploring Central Bank Digital Currencies, governments realise that attaining cash-like privacy will be crucial for its intended adoption. The design and technology remain to be in an experimentation stage.

We have built the most advanced CBDC ecosystem solution based on the concept of eCash 2.0 that holds the promise of cash-like privacy. With our solution, Central Banks will be able to launch a sovereign digital currency that compliments hard-cash and supplements Commercial Bank money, helping them to maintain monetary and fiscal stability with greater control over the economy.

We help central banks to build their digital money ecosystem. Test and implement your CBDC model with us.

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The proven ecosystem solution for retail CBDC, chosen by IBM as their CBDC solution partner

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Built to interoperate with existing financial infrastructure and other blockchain networks

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Transaction Privacy

Inherits properties of hard cash into its digital version. Customer’s spend destination is not visible to the commercial bank

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Hyper-secure across entire system with private key encryption that cannot be extracted, imported or compromised

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Highly scalable and decentralised architecture with no single point of failure

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Efficient merchant and consumer on-boarding both, online and on-site

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Control based on user demographics, currency and transaction attributes

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Macroeconomic monitoring

Complete control of the Central Bank on every activity involving digital cash

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Efficient policy enforcement

Smart contracts to enable Central Bank to establish policy controls with complete visibility and traceability

Test and implement your CBDC model with us.