December 5, 2023

Point Zero Forum Presentation

Official project presentation at Point Zero Forum

Point Zero Forum Presentation

We officially presented our work on the Tourbillon Project, exploring how to improve cyber resiliency, scalability and privacy in a prototype retail CBDC system.

There was fantastic collaboration between Bank for International Settlements – BIS, Currency Network Ltd, IBM Consulting and IBM Research. As well as impressive teamwork to make the project & live demo so smooth.

The Tourbillon app was extensively used over several hours by hundreds of users to purchase project items using CBDC. It was a magic moment. We were so happy to see great enthusiasm among the central bankers, regulators, advisors and entrepreneurs to use the app and have a feel of the actual process.

Watch this space for the official project report later this autumn, that will detail our work.

Kudos to all teammates involved: Robert Oleschak, Mike Alonso, Animesh Ghosh, Rajib Ghosh, Sibabrata Banerjee, Banasree Ghosh, Sergey Iglov, Elli Androulaki, Angelo De Caro, Fabio Keller and Joris Huynh

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