December 5, 2023

CBDC Masterclass at Global Banking Summit

CurrencyNet giving masterclasses at the Global Banking Summit

CBDC Masterclass at Global Banking Summit

In a period of remarkable change for money and payments, central banks are looking to create their own digital currencies in order to support the future needs of a digital economy. The challenge of creating central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) means finding the balance between innovation and stability. We answered some of the fundamental questions often arises.

  • What problems do CBDCs solve?
  • How close are central banks to creating a viable CBDC and how would they work in practice?
  • Can CBDCs ever fully replace electronic money and cryptocurrencies, or is co-existence more likely?

Honoured to have been part of the panel at the Financial Times Global Banking Summit, and the delivery of a masterclass "Designing a Digital Currency." It was a privilege to join experts such as Mike Alonso (BIS) and Soren Mortensen (IBM) in a compelling discussion with Joshua Franklin (FT) on the future of Central Bank Digital Currencies

‍During our session, we covered a diverse range of topics, including privacy, trust, fraud, monetary policy, and environmental sustainability.

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